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Gary McSpadden


When people hear the name Gary McSpadden they often are reminded of some of their favorite gospel music.  They may think of songs that they sing or hear in their churches on Sundays such as “Hallelujah Praise the Lamb” or  “Jesus Lord To Me.”.  Or maybe they think of songs from an album, tape or CD such as  Never Changing Father” or “Ready For a Blessing that they heard at home or in the car when they really needed to be ministered to.  They may remember the time Gary spent with the Imperials, Oak Ridge Boys, and Gaither Trio or Gaither Vocal Band singing songs like “Because He Lives”, “I am Loved” or the Grammy nominated “No Other Name But Jesus.” They may recall that he is host of their favorite music program, “Gary McSpadden’s Gospel Jubilee.”  They might even think of some moments they have spent listening to Gary while he was a pastor in Fort Worth, Texas. Maybe they were inspired while hearing this motivational spiritual speaker in any number of cities across America and around the world.  They may recognize this voice as the voice of the best selling “Drive Time Devotions,” which Gary created and narrated. Whatever they think of when they hear the name Gary McSpadden, his hopes and prayers are that they will be pointed towards Jesus Christ.  That is Gary’s ministry - leading the lost to Christ and encouraging believers in their everyday challenges and spiritual growth.

Ministry Focus – Music

From the Oak Ridge Boys, to the Imperials, The Bill Gaither Trio, and The Gaither Vocal Band, Gary McSpadden continues to prove, through the years of ministry, that a broad expression of musical gifts can have an important part in shaping an industry and influencing thousands of people.

Whether performing as a vocalist in a heavy concert schedule, producing records, writing songs, counseling young Christian artists, or getting involved in mission outreach, Gary McSpadden’s dedication to spiritual excellence and integrity has gained for him the strongest momentum and the highest regard.  Gary has in fact been honored as an inductee in the Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame in 1998, 1999 and 2000 for his founding work with the Imperials, the Bill Gaither Trio and the Oak Ridge Boys respectively.  

As a teenager, Gary’s dream of being involved in Gospel music became reality. After joining The Statesmen as a fill-in for Jake Hess, Gary soon became a member of the Oak Ridge Boys. From there, Gary, along with Jake Hess, formed the Grammy award-winning Imperials.  

Realizing a need to align his singing career with an equally challenging hands-on ministry, Gary expanded his spiritual personality by jointly pastoring a church with his father. A church that began with a handful of members quickly expanded to over a thousand in attendance. During Gary’s tenure as pastor, Bill Gaither, one of the most respected men in Gospel music, asked Gary to join the Gaither Trio. For the first three years, Gary continued to pastor while traveling with the Bill Gaither Trio.  For an additional eight years, Gary traveled as lead singer for the Gaither Trio and The Gaither Vocal Band. During that time Bill and Gloria Gaither, and Gary McSpadden recorded some of the world’s best-loved and most famous gospel songs.  

When Gary chose to leave the trio to pursue a solo career, he found great success as a performer as well as a songwriter, recording thirteen solo albums.  Many of the songs Gary has written have come from personal experience. Some of his songs, such as, “ Jesus Lord To Me”, “Hallelujah Praise The Lamb”, and “Jesus Be Jesus In Me”, have also become familiar to us as choruses we sing in our churches. Gary has gained notoriety for producing Dove Award winning recording projects for various artists such as: The Bill Gaither Trio; Gaither Vocal Band; The Talleys; The Cathedrals; Lulu Roman; Terry Gibbs and others, keeping Gary’s schedule at a breakneck pace. When added to a weekly sched­ule of concert travel, radio and television shows, writing and recording devotions, and family life... time becomes a most valuable commodity.  

Seeing the need to broaden his efforts to spread the gospel, Gary and his wife Carol formed Gary McSpadden Ministries. Support­ing mission works in Romania, Mexico, Haiti, Ireland, Scotland, and Russia, the McSpaddens have wonderfully integrated Gospel music and the ministry of the Word to touch thousands of lives each year.

Ministry Focus – Teaching/Preaching

During his thirteen years as a pastor in Ft. Worth, Texas, Gary McSpadden was noted for his preaching/teaching ministry, which was seen as a large factor in the church’s growth. The subjects range from family to finances to spiritual growth. Now, along with his music, Gary is preaching in Sunday services and teaching seminars across the country. The meetings are sometimes a Sunday Seminar or a three/four night meeting (that could easily be called a revival) where Gary speaks on a specific subject.

Some of Gary’s seminar subjects include:

·           “Learning To Live In The Presence Of God” includes topics such as “The Pretender In Us All,” “The Real Me, The Real God,” “Hungering For God” and “In The Presence Of The King.”

·           “Financial Balance… God’s Road To Freedom” includes topics like “How Did We Get Into this Mess Anyhow?” “ Who’s Money Is It?” and “Is There Any Such Thing As A Good Debt?”

·           “The Decision Making Process… It’s a Matter of Choices” where Gary teaches that it is the small decisions we make everyday that determine what we are becoming.

·           “6 Words that will Change your Life,” taken from the book he is writing, teaches the impact of our thoughts, beliefs, choices, words, attitudes and actions.


In addition to the seminars, sermons and upcoming books, Gary has just finished the first three sets in an ongoing series of “Drive Time Devotions”. Commissioned by Tyndale Publishers, there are twenty devotions on each tape or compact disc that contain stories, scriptures, a prayer and a challenge for the day. In this busy and hectic world in which we live, these devotions are designed to give a brief respite from traffic jams, hurried schedules and pressured lives. During the drive to the workplace, Gary will encourage and challenge the listener to give God His rightful place in busy daily lives. Devotional books are also in the works and will soon follow.

Gary McSpadden has taken seriously the call to use his abundance of talents for the Lord. The call on his life is real!

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